I discovered the magic of Astrology in 1977, astounded by what an Astrologer told me about did she know that?! She expressed my deep personal thoughts, what was important to me, what challenged me and the gifts that lay waiting to be discovered...hooked, I have studied  Astrology ever since.
In my experience Astrology is a tool of self understanding, a map of the individual to assist in navigation of the seas you have chosen to sail. It also informs you of big waves ahead so one can set your rigging accordingly.
Astrology helps in accepting not only your own idiosyncrasies but the ways of others, some people are born with a serious nature, or with a drive to succeed, others have intensity, luck or mental acuity. The key is to bring out the best in YOU,  your relationships, career or your child and to find serenity and happiness in Being. To have an Astrological Report for a child is to see their potential, to get a glimpse of how they are wired, what irks them and what is innate within their personality.
Astrology can be a great asset in the workplace, to see how employees, managers and managing directors tick and therefore put their personal talents and attitudes to the best use. 

Astrological Report for Adult Personal Awareness and Insight

Unique to each individual, I provide in depth explanation  of your own Astrological Blueprint via an audio recording or WhatsApp . This is guidance for personal discovery, understanding, reaching potential and those who desire to dive deep into themselves in order to achieve that which is possible. Each report undergoes detailed chart analysis and a user friendly explanation of your individual planetary picture.
£75 - Order your report by clicking on the Astrology Wheel below. (Please note, if a p&p charge appears it does not apply! contact me if this happens)

Astrological Report for Guidance and Understanding your Child

As they can't communicate yet, parents and guardians can get an insight into your baby's personality, likes and ways of specific nurturing, as these New Souls have just arrived on Earth, there is much to discover and celebrate! For your own baby or as a gift for friends and relatives. This report comes via an audio recording with support email which includes the baby's Chart .
 £60 - Order your video report by clicking on the Astrology Wheel below. (Please note, if  a p&p charge appears it does not apply! contact me if this happens)