The magic and guidance that is within the Tarot comes from the meaningful mystical learned symbolism from Ancient Wisdom
Each card offers a meditative opportunity to still ones mind and focus on what catches your attention with every appearance.
The Tarot is a way of connecting with your own subconscious, finding a way to your answers and clarity.  They help you to navigate inwards, encourageing useful and insightful contemplation.

Do you seek direction?
Would you like reassurance?
Are there choices you'd like assistance with?
Are there questions you need guidance with?

Tarot Sessions can be experienced 
1. In person, sitting with me in a Healing Sacred Space, Cape Town
1. Live, face to face, personalized focus on you and your query via WhatsApp 
2. Video recording enabling you to watch and listen to the information and guidance regarding your specific  questions a number of times.

Tarot Readings are 45 minutes -