The experience of Hypnosis is a memorable one, there is nothing quite like taking a trip around your own Mind and seeing what treasure troves are there, waiting to be explored and what old outgrown clutter is lying around! Clearing out closets, Spring cleaning the home, weeding  the garden, sorting the shed out are all highly satisfying activities, giving a real sense of accomplishment, so it is with the Mind.
It is riveting working with the Unconscious Mind, no two sessions are the same, handling and utilizing what is shared at any given moment makes hypnotherapy insightful, emotional and hugely rewarding.
During Hypnotherapy Direct, Indirect Ericksonian Methods, NLP, EFT and  additional techniques are employed to bring out the best, build confidence, find direction and fulfil potential.

Hypnotherapy is most successful when the Mind is open, motivated to real, permanent change and when the client has made the decision and committed to embark on a transformative Journey.
Hypnotherapy Sessions are conducted via Skype, Worldwide, or in person in the Western Cape, South Africa.

60 minute Session -

The following  videos are guides and suggestions on living a fulfilling, content, happier life.