We Hand craft unique Gongs to personal specifications. Based between two Oceans, surrounded by mountains, fed consistently by the Sun and Wind, manifested in Moonlight, we are Passionate about Gongs!
The originality of MoonFire Gongs is based upon the fact that they can be played on the front, back and sides, their stunning shape, versatility and 'wholeness', add to their spectacular presence.

Two of our personal Gongs, one at 91" and the other at 51" hang in the Oak tree on our premises and on very windy days the Oak and Gongs occasionally connect creating their own special tones.

NEW!! - Our fantastic range of 20" MoonFire Crystal Gongs, unique, visionary, individually made, Cosmic conduits, full of Ancient Wisdom and Sensational Sounds.


ONE of a KIND.

Revolutionary Hand Crafted MoonFire Crystal Gongs with exceptional Sound.

As Sacred Sound Virtuosos, we create these MoonFire Crystal Gongs out of a desire for something different and for the Gongs to be crafted by Hand, to receive the Human Spiritual Touch.
These Gongs bring together the Divine Alchemy of Sound and Crystal Energy. They are easy to hold and therefore play over recipients of Sound Baths.
The Gongs are Cleansed and Blessed with Love and Wisdom of Old.

They can be played on both sides as the rotation of the Gongs allows them to present the point of contact for maximum effect in that moment, producing wonderful subtle resonance.
They are stunning pieces of Sonic Art. They hang on their own flexible Black Astral Cord and come with a wand.

Please contact us for shipping costs to your country.
If you are local to Cape Town, you are welcome to collect :-)