Since I was a child, one of the most exciting aspects of photography was the recording of moments that will never happen again, a snapshot of history, an enduring memory, laughs, people and sentient animal friends who have left this World, occasions, events, victories and loss, all in the wonder of a photograph.

Mother Nature provides every opportunity to capture breathtaking images. it is an absolute delight to have visions present themselves this way. Seeing dogs playing on the beach, storm clouds, a beautiful shell in the sand, Moon bathed lanes, friends, families or a story in the making, there are so many photos to be taken! Being a super fan of the ever changing way Light manifests, how it reflects on the Earth and those who walk on her, t
he majority of my photographs are taken in this natural light, be it day or night.

None of my photographs are Photoshopped as I enjoy the authenticity of colour, tone, shape, contour, contrast and whatever mode of light was available at the time.

Please contact me if you'd like to publish any of my photographs and high resolution images can be forwarded to you. Photographs can also be purchased, the image file will be sent to a printing establishment in your area, where it can be put onto canvas or medium of choice, with the advantage of collecting locally.