The use of Sound for healing is thousands of years old. Sounds have powerful effects upon our mind, mood, well being and health. Pythagoras taught his students to sing in the morning, during the day and before bed to maintain their health.
Research shows how the frequency of Sounds readily affect our Cosmic Essence, Subtle Bodies, Aura and Physical cells, tissues, organs and systems in our body. Knowing we are made up of 65% of Water, it is interesting to see the effect of Sound Frequency and the resulting waves through the application of Cymatics. 
Sound, Chant and instruments, like the Sistrum were used in Egyptian Temples to create environments for Energy shifts and there is evidence of rock gongs  and flutes from the Neolithic Era that indicates how music affects well being.

Sounds stimulate us holistically every second of the day, consciously and unconsciously. Think about some of your favourite sounds for a moment, especially those that comfort you... the Sea, rain, a voice, Birdsong, tones, violins, drums, guitar, flutes, laughter, crackling fires...we recognize the healing effects  and power that Sound has on us, our emotions, health and equilibrium.

When Sound is blended with Sacred and Healing Intent, incredible relaxation can occur, releasing stress, discomfort and tension, leaving space for Peace, Fluidity and Harmony.

Sacred Sound Sessions a variety of sounds and frequencies are created using Gongs, Tibetan and Himalayan Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Shamanic Drums, Rattles, Rainsticks, Chimes and the wonderful instrument of the Human Voice... these are all vehicles of vibration and resonance which enhance emotional state, allow Energy to flow, improve cellular formation, regain life equilibrium, Peace, improve Immune function, connect you to your Multi Dimensional Self, returning to and amplifying Love.


Sacred Sound Energy Journeys create the time and space to experience multitudinous Sounds as a way of finding your Inner Peace, Happiness and breaking through personal barriers, overcoming hurdles and rediscovering your Life Purpose.
Sound Therapy is a totally permissive personal experience, where you lie in comfort, listening and feeling the Sound wash over and through you. Without judgement or expectation, accept an invitation from your Spiritual  Self to reconnect to your Multi Dimensional Light Body.

One to One Session - 60 mins

Group Sessions - For Meditation and Healing Events, Team Building, Focus Workshops, Holistic Retreats, Schools and Festivals, contact me for further information. 

For Healing, Serenity, Meditation and Journey Work.

'SHVETHA' is the name given to our Sacred Sound collaborations, which means 'Pure'.

CD & MP3

'Samadhi Indigo'

Sacred Soundscape... meditate, contemplate, relax, be still, heal, hear your Inner Wisdom available on CD and download.  You can listen to a sample of the track 'Crystal Temple' below, takes a few seconds to load :-)

Crystal Temple Sample.mp3