The Five Pointed Star is an Ancient Symbol found in many Sacred Books, Nature has numerous examples of the Five Pointed Star in flowers and fruits and most people know the famous skilled Mystic Da Vinci's image of Elemental man inside the protective, infinite circle.
The Pentagram is symbolic of the Elements that bring forth Life and creation, the circle protects this precious process and alludes to the eternal existence of the Energy contained within it.
In this highly unique experience, I bring together 5 Healing modalities in one Session to for a definitive transformative process.

The Pentagram Experience involves 5 Stages:

1. Air       - Thoughts, classifying and reflecting on thought patterns and how to organize them.
2. Fire     - Action, what can be done to motivate the actions that take effect and make tangible                                     change?
3. Water - Using creativity and emotion to clear the ways, releasing stagnant, blocked energy.
4. Earth  - Manifesting, see the solution, feel and embody the result of all the movement.
5. Spirit  - Acknowledging what your Soul yearns for, what you wanted to learn while here on Earth                           and how you are contributing to betterment of yourself and others..

This Magical Experience embodies Astrology, Art, Hypnosis,  Sacred Sound, Symbolism and Silence.

Allow 4 hours for this Transformative experience. 

Contact me if you are interested in immersing yourself in this experience -