Diane Cox, Art

Moon Fire Magic -  Illuminate, Ignite, Manifest.

Journey to Venus


Metaphysical Practitioner, Inspirational Teacher, Healing facilitator, Astrologer, Hypnotherapist, Sound Energy Consultant, Intuitive Body Practitioner, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist  with 35 years of experience specializing in Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Well Being.
Artist and Writer, colour, contour, thoughts and words, all contribute to the Journey of making this experience on Earth a pleasurable, abundant, wondrous one.

Everything I do is from a desire that people find Rays of Light in every day, a word, smile, touch or vision that enhances numerous moments. A painting that speaks some personal secret message, a serene Sound Energy Session that connects with the Inner Mystic, Meditative Hypnosis to remove the old, worn out mental remnants  of the Mind and give it a spring clean or an Astrological exploration that reminds you of your brilliance! Everything is about making people feel better, brighter, lighter, listened to and valued.

There is so much to be gained from discovering your personal Peaceful Healing Space and there are many ways to Happiness, taking care of and developing an ongoing interest in yourself is an essential part of that, take notice and act upon what you desire Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Energetically. Do more of what makes you laugh, surround yourself with reminders of your Soul purpose, Joy and live with a sense of ever flowing Gratitude.

My gift in life is to assist in elevation of the Human Spirit, by listening, holding space and supporting, creating Sound, colour, form, connection, all with a means of maintaining harmony and cheerful equilibrium, those who find their way to my Sacred Healing Space, will understand the value of having a soft, secure, safe place to fall.

Generating Art to excite, ignite and connect with Visions that positively stimulate the Mind, Body and Soul.
Initially captivated by the mystical album covers of my youth, 'Rising' by Rainbow being an iconic image! Magical themes have always intrigued me, I enjoy painting ideas from Myth and Legends and am mesmerized by the Stars, Cosmic Infinity and Spiritual Happenings.
The freedom of abstract painting really galvanizes me, love the rebellious feel of it.


My extensive skills are used collectively in The Pentagram Experience, encompassing Astrology, Art, Sound Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Tarot, Intuitive Body Balancing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy and Colour Therapy with a continuous dedication to 'Know Thyself'.

Astrology is an Ancient tool used for personal insight. Taking a look at the Blue Print of your  Birth Chart can really open up understanding of who and how you are. Astrology highlights the areas of life that can be sensitive triggers and illuminates the sign posts that point to your personal gifts. It holds suggestions of how to get the best out of yourself, manouvering around pitfalls and self sabotage.
Astrology Reports can be useful to understand your partner, child, business colleagues, family and friends to serve as clear information about how people work, rest and play.

Sound has long been known to have a balancing and measurable effect upon our bodies. Sound has been shown to move objects, stimulate fluids and re-arrange particles.
Sound Journeys involve using resonance from numerous sources, while holding an agreed intent, a Sound Bath has profound effects on those who are ready to receive and listen to their Wisdom, the Sacred Silence following Sound Baths, bears delicious fruits, whose flavours are long lasting.

Energy flows where thought goes. To keep the Gates to your Mind protected can be a full time job! The right words and phrases can really settle and calm the Mind, we have thousands of repetitive thoughts every day, so we may as well make them useful and empowering ones! Repetitive thoughts create patterns and eventually, manifest into reality.
Indirect Hypnosis is a permissive way of working with the Sub Conscious Mind, assisting in breaking down unwanted thoughts and resulting habits.
Hypnosis is a therapeutic tool for letting go of what no longer serves your highest good, to learn to like and understand yourself again and decide on what you want to achieve.
The videos are a collection of thoughts, ideas, observations on how, we as humans
can make our lives happier, reaching a peaceful state of long lasting contentment.


My writing blog of articles and observations can be found at Verdandi,, covering a wide variety of topics that spark my interest, including Spiritual, political, gender, social and personal observations on life.

Read the synopsis and reviews of my book, 'Pig Farmers and Prima Donnas' published on Amazon in 2013, an observation and commentary on 30 immensely rewarding years of working in the hilarious and at times, heart wrenching Spa industry.
Available from Amazon, Kindle Edition.


If you are interested in connecting with me regarding any of the services mentioned above please use the Contact Page.
Prices on my website are in Sterling as standard for international Clients and ZA Rand for  therapies that require working with me in person.
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